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A little bit About Us

e3k is a division of Gilmore Engineers, which was introduced in 2001 and focused on product design and optimization. For ovetwo decades, e3k has been a leader imechanical engineering consulting because of its experienced expert team and professional services. e3k provides engineering services to a wide rangof fields in Australia and overseas, including industry, government and consultants in the manufacturing, energy, transportation, mining and other high-technology fields. 

Why Trust e3k With Your Next Project

For over 20 years, e3k has delivered innovative design solutions for our customers. Spanning a wide range of areas, ranging from small to large design projects in Australia and abroad. R&D projects ranging from the home inventor to renewable energy projects, one of which we had the honor of winning the Australian Engineering excellence awards.

2012 EA excellence winner
Australian Engineering excellence awards

Winner | 2012 

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What we offer :

Our Services

Our experience spans 4 decades and covers 6 core areas of specialisation.

e3k’s award-winning engineers have been designing and developing products for 30 years and can help you at any stage in the development process from idea generation to advanced computer simulation or physical prototype testing.

Testing & certification is an essential part of the development of any new product, process, or system. e3k can help you with certification to Australian or International Standards by computer simulations or physical testing.

Expert project engineering is available in a wide variety of contexts, including design auditing, quality assurance, experimental performance testing, or mine site coordination and management of maintenance and repair.

Our Promise

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Experienced Professionals

Our team of experienced engineers have 

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

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Chartered Professional Engineers

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Consistency Throughout the Whole Process

When starting a project with E3K you will be assigned a project manager that will guide you throughout the life of the project.

Our Team

Key member

Dr Duncan Gilmore

Dr Duncan Gilmore

Managing Director & President

Dr Ray Hope

Dr Ray Hope

Vice President Engineering