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Dr Duncan Gilmore

Managing Director & President

Dr Ray Hope

Vice President Engineering

How Can We Help You?

Our highly knowledgeable team can provide you expert advice and solutions for your engineering projects.

Our experience spans 4 decades and covers 8 core areas of specialisation

Design & Development​

e3k’s award-winning engineers have been designing and developing products for 30 years and can help you at any stage in the development process from idea generation to advanced computer simulation or physical prototype testing.

Testing & Certification

Testing & certification is an essential part of the development of any new product, process, or system. e3k can help you with certification to Australian or International Standards by computer simulations or physical testing.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our engineers have been developing and expanding their expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis since 1995. We have helped many clients produce world class products and get the edge they need to eclipse their competition.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA can help you know the strength of your design. Will it pass a required load test? Will it have the required service life? Is it flexible or rigid enough? Can it be made lighter while still maintaining the required strength?

Motion Simulations

e3k engineers can predict the motion of machine parts and objects using both equations of motion and computer simulation. Solidworks Motion is an advanced 3D software package which can be used to simulate moving parts.

Project Engineering

Expert project engineering is available in a wide variety of contexts, including design auditing, quality assurance, experimental performance testing, or mine site coordination and management of maintenance and repair.

Mining Services

e3k have been providing services to the mining industry and their suppliers since 1999. As specialist mechanical engineers we have performed efficiency maximisation, failure analysis, plant upgrades and capital equipment reporting.

Failure Analysis

For over 30 years, e3k’s parent company, Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd, has been a leader in the investigation and analysis of accidents and failures. We are one of only a few consultancy groups in the world that has a speciality in failure analysis.