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Design, Development & Testing

E3K is a mechanical engineering design firm with highly experienced mechanical engineering product design counsultants. Our award-winning engineers specialise in helping some of Australia’s biggest names take their latest ideas and innovations and turn them into successful products using our in-house product development pathway, developed and honed over the last 20 years. 

Our expertise in mechanical engineering design, analysis and product development can be focused on your system or product to introduce it to the market ahead of your competition, to add innovative new features or completely revolutionise, to lower production costs, to improve quality and reliability, and to enhance it with advanced technological features.

Testing & certification is also an essential part of the development of any new product, process, or system. The keys to a successful test program are effective planning, including a detailed review of the test goals, certification requirements, statistical details, required accuracy, test environment and a scientific and systematic approach.  E3K can provide independent and professional written certification to many standards, including regulatory, and customer-focused requirements. Final documentation can take the form of a detailed written report or simply a single-page certificate.

If you need a new product development engineer or a product design engineer to improve an existing product please get in contact to see if we can help.


E3K Product Design, Development & Testing Services:

Including mechanical and design engineering analysis, 3D modelling, design and analysis of mechanical components or full products or machines

  • Review of new product concepts
  • Generating intellectual property (IP) ideas to improve your product or concept
  • Creating 3D computer-generated concept models
  • Design and 3D computer modelling of components and full assemblies (product or machine)
  • Design for injection moulding or fabrication
  • Design for Rapid prototyping / 3D printing
  • Review of applicable standards for your product
  • Consideration of the requirements of the applicable standards during the design process
  • Computer simulation of load tests from applicable standards
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to predict the response of a design to forces with results showing the deflections and stress levels throughout components. FEA  can be used to simulate load tests from standards or to aid in optimizing a design for strength and weight.
  • Motion Simulations are used to show the movement of parts within an assembly and can determine the forces on components as they interact. These forces can then be used in FEA simulations.
  • Proof load testing or testing to failure
  • Functional performance testing
  • Testing all parts fit together well during assembly
  • Ergonomics testing
  • R-Value Calculations

Product Design, Development & Testing
Mechanical Engineering Projects

Aircraft anchor

Aircraft Tie Down Device

E3K was commissioned to design a flush-mounted anchor point (FMAP) at the Brisbane International Airport to be used mainly by Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas freighter aircraft. The work done by our product design and development mechanical engineer included innovative concept generation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the device as well as the securing concrete slab. The device was successfully proof tested in situ.

International Design Award 2010

FLAT® Hydraulic Stabilising Mechanism

FLAT® is an innovative hydraulic stabilising mechanism that will allow any item with legs, skids or footings to remain stable irrespective of the unevenness of the supporting surface. E3K conducted a staged project, from concept generation, product design, prototype manufacture and testing. Aesthetics, likely production cost, materials, strength, mechanics and function of the system, were considered in an in depth design process. In 2010, E3K received a coveted Australian International “Design Award” from Good Design Australia for their contribution to the development of FLAT® technology. FLAT® based products are now available for sale through outlets worldwide.

Marine Power Generator

SeaUrchin Marine Power Generator

This revolutionary technology is designed to be economical in it’s capture of the vast kinetic energy of the world’s tidal currents, ocean streams  and river flows and convert it into a steady, reliable and therefore base load source of electricity. The underwater turbine contained within a uniquely designed and readily fabricated housing is able to extract greater power from a water flow than an exposed marine propeller alone. E3K (a mechanical prototype engineer company) performed CFD simulations to optimise the design of the housing and turbine blades, FEA to optimise the strength and weight of the turbine and testing of a prototype SeaUrchin marine power generator on the Georges River in Sydney, Australia in 2011. In 2012, the SeaUrchin Marine Power Generator won a coveted Australian Engineering Excellence Award.

Joinlox Mechanical Fastening System

Joinlox Mechanical Fastening System

Joinlox™ technology beat some very strong competition to win the 2008 ABC The New Inventors “Invention of the Year”. E3K performed calculations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations on the first Joinlox design under various loading scenarios. This specialised computer analysis performed by E3K optimised the Joinlox shape and size to meet the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standards. The Joinlox system is now commercially available from Joinlox Pty Ltd, supported by Xstrata Technology who signed a global licensing agreement in 2010.

Renewable Energy Generator

Ocean Current Renewable Energy Generator

In the year 2000 E3K was engaged to develop unique concept methods for generating electricity from ocean currents. E3K performed further concept development, including mathematical modelling and CFD. The CSIRO list this technology in their 2016 “Ocean Renewable Energy 2015-2050” report, Pg. 75, stating the technology “is designed to extract the maximum amount of energy from shallow flowing water.” E3K’s research formed the basis for the AN150 Series turbines from Atlantis Resources Limited. ARL, which grew from this world-patented technology, listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2014 and is now considered a world leader in ocean turbine technology.

Link to CSIRO report

Touch-Sensitive Switch Enclosure

Touch-Sensitive Switch Enclosure

E3K (a mechanical design engineer company that also develops and test products) designed a unique enclosure and mounting system and performed testing on touch-sensitive switches with flush-mounted glass panels. During the design process, E3K tested a number of materials and glues for joining a plastic bracket to the back of the glass panels. Once functional prototypes were produced, E3K also performed mechanical force tests on the glass cover panels and housings to check compliance with International Standard IEC 60669-1.(

More Mechanical Product Development & Tesing Performed by E3K

E3K is an award winning Product Design Engineering Company

Mechanical Product Design & Development

We are Product, Mechanical Part Design and Manufacturing Design Engineers for these products and more
  • Design audit and development of commercial dishwasher range
  • Design of adjustable desk prototypes
  • Goods storage lift design review
  • Patent/registered-design assistance
  • Hydraulic levelling and locking device development and prototyping
  • Slimline water tank design optimisation
  • Engineering design of rubbish-collecting handheld blower-vac
  • Innovative electric light switch development
  • Rapid prototyping of beverage containers
  • Louvre awning design and development
  • Visual Display system, development and rapid prototyping
  • Mass produced refuse-shredder garden care product development
  • Lawn mower development for European export markets
  • Novel chair mechanism design and development
  • New fishing product accessory development
  • Vehicle tray-lift research and development
  • New wrench-like hand tool

Product Technology Review

  • Technical reviews for inclusion in prospectus
  • Research and Development of a swimming pool alarm system
  • Energy demand and technology prediction for automobiles
  • Renewable energy concept and development
  • Liquid distribution system testing and development
  • CVT and IVT transmission analysis
  • Safety audit and guarding design/installation supervision for printing machinery
  • Hybrid automobile continuously variable transmission with flywheel/battery

Industrial Product Design & Development

  • Modelling and development of an energy regeneration system for F1 race cars
  • Design/development/prototyping of sedimentation-removal product for the brewing industry
  • Review and analysis of structural systems for propping applications
  • Wireless mesh networked product concept for wastewater
  • Design and construction of a marine remote-controlled winch
  • R-value calculations for building insulation
  • Hoist design with safety systems
  • Building site WH&S device testing and development
  • Development of processing equipment concepts for a new food product
  • Automated vehicle guidance with remote sensing
  • Robotic window cleaning machine for high-rise buildings
  • Regenerative transit bus hydraulic braking system
  • Thermodynamic analysis for the food industry
  • Automated textile machine development
  • Marine Hydrostatic transmission design
  • Robotic devices for agriculture
  • Gasket Coating machine design

Medical Device Design & Development

We are Product Design & Development Engineers for these Medical Devices
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Design
  • Electronic drug delivery devices – inhalers
  • Novel syringe product development – sharp safe
  • Agilitas visual cueing for FOG in Parkinson’s disease – design, prototyping and commercialisation
  • Sunscreen applicator
  • Surgical clip design and prototyping
  • Collapsible bath design
  • Hand shower design and prototyping
  • Emergency transfusion device
  • Portable sterilisation system
  • Nursing home patient assist equipment – bed transfers, wheelchairs

Mechanical Product Testing

  • Rotary Engine analysis and research
  • Acoustic resonance/vibration analysis
  • Renewable energy concept, development and testing
  • Liquid distribution system testing and development
  • CVT and IVT transmission analysis
  • Complete design/commissioning/testing of a novel two-stroke direct-injection engine
  • Hybrid automobile continuously variable transmission with flywheel/battery
  • Novel diesel engine design and testing
2001 EA excellence winner

Olympic Athlete Foot Force Sensor for Kayaks

E3K designed and developed Foot Pressure Pad Sensors for the Queensland Academy of Sport. They were later adopted by the Australian Institute of Sport. The sensors enabled sports scientists to measure the timing between the upper body paddle action and the subsequent application of leg force through each stroke. The devices were used by numerous Olympic medal winners.

Ginger Factory Steam Generator Efficiency Testing

E3K performed a review of the efficiency of two steam generators used at a Ginger Factory. To perform the review, E3K installed temporary monitoring systems, including ultrasonic flow meters, thermocouples, pressure gauges, flue gas analysers, and data loggers on the steam generators and throughout the factory. Data was recorded over three days and two nights and collated into a report to enable optimisation of the plant and reduction of fuel costs.

Rover Mower Continual Improvement Testing

An extensive research and development program was undertaken on the cutting performance of the Rover swing-back blade design. The aim was to identify improvements that would provide an additional competitive advantage for this well-known and well-proven Australian product. Numerous experimental tests following theoretical analysis of the blade cutting on Rover’s 20-inch lawn mowers. The changes were not only found to improve cutting performance, but they also greatly increased the life of the replaceable cutting blades.

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